Hi! My name is

Sahej Locham

I'm a Designer & Digital Strategy Consultant based in New York City working at the intersection of

Design, Technology & Business

Selected Works

About Me

I work at Ernst & Young's Digital Practice, and dabble in Digital Design, Product Management, Dance and House Music. Take a look around to get a peek into my world, and if you'd like to get in touch - you can email me at sahej.locham@gmail.com

To check out some of my experiments in Dance & Music, you can visit the lab by clicking on the button below.

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I've Worked as

UX Designer & Senior Technology Consultant

I work as a UX Designer in the Digital Strategy Practice, where I help some of the largest financial services firms in the world design the experiences of tomorrow. In addition to UX work, I also work closely with the Technology and Strategy teams across various financial functions like Application Development, Regulatory and Compliance.

Technology Analyst

I worked for a year as an Analyst in the Technology Strategy group - coordinating multiple global change projects. I worked on items involving Resource & Project Management, SDLC as well as front end UI development for tools (during my internship there a year before).

Modular Design Sub Team Lead

Lead the Modular Design team in a student run project team whose goal was to build a sustainable facility on the Cornell Campus. Here I discovered my passion for design, and worked with a large team of architects, engineers and designers who continue to do great work today.